Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming back home....from Italia

Two and a half weeks in Italy have cleared my head! I am excited to be returning home tomorrow from Milan for a quiet weekend unpacking, petting the lonely cat, seeing what's happened to my garden and eating healthy food -- maybe -- I must admit that Italian food is just so good that I may have to make a Bolognese sauce to help make the transition. And, Monday, I'll be returning to work, with a fresh mind. I must admit though, that I kept up with many emails. Otherwise, there would be hundreds or more. Many were about the HR Technology Conference -- the highlight for anyone seriously using, inventing, or supporting HR technologies. See the latest CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey for the research results I presented for the seventh year -- thanks to Bill Kutik!For me, the other highlights of the conference were all the sessions on analytics, although many others would argue that it was more about social media. And, of course, the best highlights were seeing all the friends made over the years from this wonderful HR technology arena.