Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogging every day??

I recently heard a motivational speaker who suggested that one should blog every day! I put it on my list of "to dos" about three weeks ago and you can see that I don't keep my commitments. So, I'm going to publicly renege on that one and promise to do a blog at least ONCE A WEEK on the survey, on HCM in general, perhaps something on BI (business intelligence and analytics), and, of course, quilting. I just don't know about these daily bloggers. What kind of life do they have? For me, I find that I just can't move from data analysis (my primary job) to writing. I think my brain just isn't wired for those cross modal activities. And, I also don't seem to balance my life interests very well. My quilting has gone down the drain the past month or so as I've worked to get the annual CedarCrestone HR Survey out the door, presented at several conferences, and set up for ongoing benchmarking.

But, at long last, I got back to my quilt room this weekend and am working to complete my UFOs. I did finish a baby quilt for a baby born a bit ago. And, on my list of to be finished: a Japanese kimono triptych -- just need to bind, last year's Christmas quilt, the hers to the his and hers comforters, and then on to the new one using the Kingyo, Red Rooster fabrics. I'm going to adapt that pattern, using the panel in the middle but my own blend of fabrics from my stash. Stay tuned on that one.

And, I'll post the triptych by this weekend -- my goal for finishing it! Let's see if I can start keeping my commitments to me again!!


West Michigan Quilter said...

You know, I've heard just the opposite. Blogging daily can overwhelm people and you will lose readers that way. Who's right? I don't know. I only blog when I have something to say or show my readers. I think that is the real criteria, don't you?

Chris said...

I just started blogging in the last month or so. My goal is 2-3 times a week - with the hopes, of course, that I'll have photographic evidence of my progress. I can see this being a real challenge as the need to rake and winterize and prepare for Christmas approach. Decided to use my furlough days for quilting though. Trying to make a positive from a negative. Good luck with your blog!

Lexy Martin (Quilter and Surveyor) said...

Thanks for your comments. Every day....or once a week....or when I have something to say? Since I blog for the quilter in ME and the survey person for WORK, I'm a bit conflicted. I definitely get into modes where I say nothing, but for work stuff kinda want to say more. So I really am going to try for the once a week for now.