Saturday, March 13, 2010

Twitter, SMS, LinkedIn....all linked? Ugh

You may be wondering about what was hopefully an uncharacteristic tweet from me this morning. It said: "Try Lexy Martin. I should come up."

Back story: My stepson tweeted me about something this morning and then commented when he searched on me, he couldn't find me. Who knows what name he used? WOSM perhaps, for wicked old step mother? That aside, my response to him was "Try Lexy Martin. I should come up." This, sent via SMS.

So, I had been doing all this while lying in bed, using my iPhone to respond to emails, look at Tweetie, and even view SMSs. The latter, I use infrequently. And once again, it's clear why. Instead of responding to my stepson, I responded to EVERYONE. Everyone that follows me on Twitter and Everyone who follows me on LinkedIn. Fortunately, these connections are no longer coming up on Facebook because I figured out how to turn that off. The SMS/Twitter/LinkedIn connection will be turned off today! After this apology.

Next part of story:
My husband was downstairs, logging in to LinkedIn and his other various connections. It's his birthday today and we'd already shared tea and I'd given him his birthday present. A KINDLE from the family. So, he sees that message on LinkedIn: "Try Lexy Martin. I should come up." And, grateful husband that he is, immediately runs up stairs.

So, for Ian, my stepson: If you search on Lexy Martin, my name should come up on Twitter. If not....PLEASE let me know. Obviously, I have my learning to do on that front if not.

And, for my Twitter and LinkedIn connections, that SMS this morning was not an invitation. Really. But, if you do come up, to the house, of course, we can have tea.

Have a great day!

PS: Will someone PLEASE teach me how to respond to an SMS?


Debbie said...

Bravo Lexy!

I have a hobby blog as well about books, reading and my book club- what a learning process! Happy Birthday to your husband- I hope your son is able to find you ;)

Anonymous said...


It's way more fun to see your random tweets and have a laugh.


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