Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I Didn't Like about China

Not much, really. But there are a few things that are rather icky.

Old men pee in public. You'll be driving down the highway and see a guy with his back to the road. And little boys with their fathers will pee on statues. Ick.

Spitting....yuck, ick. Everywhere.

Slurping and smacking while eating. Yes...the food is really good and worth smacking your lips over, but it is somewhat overwhelming. However, understandable. The food is sticky. Think about sweet and sour pork.

Pushing. Wow...the train station door opens and all 900 people who will take the bullet train smush toward the door at once. You have to push too to get on or be lost in the trample.

Pushy street vendors. Major and I have often been the only non-Chinese on shopping streets and EVERYONE wants to sell us something. While bargaining is sometimes fun, you have to constantly be telling people No. Actually, the term is something like BuYa. (Our guide told us to remember the first two letters of Bush and Yao Men. I say BuYa a lot, but I really mean "bug off."

Hard beds. Even fine hotels have hard beds. Literally just a thin pad on boards. I love hard beds normally, but this is ridiculous!

But there's so much more to love!

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