Saturday, November 29, 2008

Balancing self, relationship and work

I've been asked why I'm doing a blog on quilting and surveys. For some time now, people at my company had been encouraging me to do a blog. But I think I never wanted to do a blog just on work stuff. It wasn't until my friend, Dickie, started one on quilting (and life) that I decided ...OK. I can do one on quilting too AND also on work stuff. Further, I'd had a conversation with a colleague at Knowledge Infusion. Heidi Spirgi and I were talking about blogging being a male endeavor. Certainly most of the blogs I follow that are work related are by guys. Heidi and I both agreed though that life is not just about work and that women's lives seem much more full. For us women, life is a balance. It's a balance of our commitment to work, our commitment to our relationship with our partner and family, and most importantly a commitment to the relationship with our emerging selves.

So, for me, work-life balance means balancing all three of my commitments: to my husband, kids, and extended family; to my work; and to me. Surprisingly, blogging is a lot about that last one. By getting some of my thoughts into writing, I am exploring that last most important relationship.

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DragonQuilter said...

I couldn't have said it better. Definitely it's a balance and you learn so much about so many aspects of life you never would have thought of, if you didn't blog about things, all things, anything!