Monday, December 15, 2008

Asia Pacific High Level Survey Findings on state of HR technologies adoption

This first CedarCrestone Asia Pacific HR Systems Survey of 277 organizations representing over 2 million employees discovered the following. This survey report will be published in the next week:
● The number one business initiative worldwide, including for APAC countries, is a focus on metrics and analytics whether in the form of developing a metrics strategy, integrating data sources, or implementing business intelligence applications to enable metrics-based management. Aligning employee performance with organizational goals (including implementing a performance management application) and business process improvements are also top initiatives.
● Self service and moving to an HR service center approach enables organizations to serve more employees with their HR staff.
● Talent management and business intelligence applications matter – those organizations that have these applications report higher financial performance than those without these applications.
● An integrated talent management approach enables organizations to achieve a lower total cost of ownership. Organizations with such an approach also reported higher sales and more than double the operating income growth than those with alternative approaches (44% vs. 17%). In this economic environment, an integrated talent management portfolio is a best practice.
● Web 2.0 is at the innovator stage among APAC respondents, but early adopters worldwide are achieving early positive advantage of double the sales growth of those without these technologies.

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