Sunday, October 19, 2008

The first quilt sent to Japan

I've always loved the feel of Japanese fabrics, especially the cottons. They are heavier than most of the cottons you can buy in the US. They are also very, very soft. They hang beautifully. The first quilt I made with all Japanese fabrics is this one.

I call it CIRCLE PLAY. I took a class with Reynola Pakusich and then made this quilt. I was not only playing with the circles, but also the background and trying to give a sense that the angle lines on the right were weaving in and out of the left angles. I entered this quilt in the Japanese quilt festival in 2008 and was invited to send my quilt to Japan for judging. Unfortunately, this quilt was not accepted. But I learned a lot from the process. One must be absolutely perfect in all aspects and while I love the look of this quilt, it had one flaw. We gave this quilt to dear friends this year.

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DragonQuilter said...

Beautiful work!! I can understand why you don't have it any more but not why the Japanese didn't take it! Can't wait to see more!!!!