Thursday, October 23, 2008

My new orange door

I really have NO TIME for blogging, or twittering....but to avoid being a grandma dinosaur, I guess I must. Actually it's fun to think about the intersection of quilting, surveys, blogging, and twitter. My concern is that now I've started a blog, Paul Boutin, Wired, says it's time has passed! Yikes...I guess I started four years too late. However, as someone who has worked with emerging technologies for almost 30 years, I suspect blogging will stay. And, besides the quilting community has just discovered it!

Today was my day to finish the first draft of the APAC survey....done. So I walked out into my garden which is an absolute mess. But, my dear dear husband has done something really nice. He had the door to my potting shed painted my favorite color. Isn't this incredible?